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The 5 Insightful Questions To Ask Candidate In An Interview

Interview are essential way for employer or hiring manager to get to know more about the candidate if they are right for an open position. When it comes to interview, preparation is the key to determine whether candidates are suitable for a role is challenging by asking good interview question. To get you off to the best start, we’ve put together the best 5 insightful questions that will adequately assess a candidate for both skill fit and culture.

1. “Tell me something out from your resume”

Most of the candidates comes in with a carefully draft resume to provide the perfect summary of their work experience but you can’t get everything about them by simply going through from what they put down on paper. By asking this question, you get a sense of the candidate personality and character, rather than just their work experiences and accomplishments.

2. “What makes you leave your last job?”

Many people have a tough time being truthful about how they left and felt of their last job. Pay close attention to candidates when they talk about their previous job. Whether they are focusing on negative aspects or more on the positive side by addressing their hopes for the future which will demonstrates their ethic and professionalism that are crucial for any roles.

3. “Tell me your biggest failure related to work “

This might sound harsh and difficult to the other party but the purpose of asking this question is to ensure that the candidate possesses self-awareness. More importantly is much like the biggest weakness question, the key thing here is learning what the takeaway was to help avoid recurrence.

4. “What was the color of the front desk background? “

A simple question as it may seems, but over 50% of the candidates fail to answer this question. This is to test a candidate’s attention to detail as well as the calmness during an important task because sometimes nervous and tension leads people to be oblivious to their surroundings, which can be critical and dangerous, especially for the jobs that requires crystal clear vision and mind.

5. “Any questions before we end this interview?”

Perhaps one of the best ways to end interview is to let the candidates to throw you some question, however, most of the candidates didn’t prepare any questions to the interviewer and always end up with funny question like “where’s the washroom? “or “can I have 3 hours lunch break? “ . Remember, the purpose of asking question is to gives the candidates a final opportunity to prove that they’re a good fit by showing the interviewer that they’re well prepared for the interview and put thought and effort into the interview.

Interview is your opportunity to get a feel for whether or not a candidate is qualified and if they could contribute positively to your organization. By asking insightful and adequate questions, employer get a better assess to candidate’s skill level and personality, which are the most important factors to consider when choosing a new hire.