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The One Thing All Modern Offices Need: Adjustable Furniture

While offices have so far contented with bulky tables and stiff chairs that make you want to run out the door when the clock strikes 6, modern offices need to adapt to the times.

What Is Office Ergonomics And Why Is It Important?

Ergonomics at the workplace is all about designing workstations and furniture that support the individual who uses those things.
Modern office design is so much more than just creating places to work, it’s about enabling productive, quality work by providing the best work environment for employees.

Today’s working styles have created unique health problems such as hunched postures from leaning into the work desk, shoulder and back aches from insufficient arm and lumbar support, and neck pains from incorrect desktop screen heights. These health problems affect employees’ well beings and resulting morale, productivity, and efficiency.

Thoughtful ergonomic office design can improve all of these and create a company culture that’s supportive, inviting, and engaging.
Furthermore, modern companies adopting practices like flexible seating, stand-up meetings, and bring-your-own device need to design offices that enable them. Arguably then, one of the most important features of a modern office is adjustable, ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic Chair

Ambient Concept’s ioo chair is fully adjustable, catering to every body type and seating position. The chair’s NECKpro™ neck rest, for instance, boasts a height-adjustable flex-tension response that acts like a built-in spring to support the weight of your head.

Similarly, the height of the backrest is adjustable to suit different body types and sitting styles while the elastic mesh and 3D dynamic lumbar support ensure comfortable sitting for long hours.

Height adjustment also applies to the hand rests and seat which can also be adjusted forwards and backwards to accommodate varying arm and leg lengths. What’s more, the adjustments are made simple as the single lever control is intuitive.

Floating Desktop Surface

Besides a poor quality chair, another complaint against conventional office furniture is desks that are too low or or high, resulting in slouching and back pains.

Enter Ambient Concept’s floating desktop surface. Fold it out and adjust it according to your preferred screen height. You can adjust it lower for laptop usage, or higher for viewing a desktop monitor or second screen. You can even adjust the tilt angle to accommodate tablet screens.

Image credit: archidex2018

You can also fold it out all the way to facilitate a stand-up meeting. For extra convenience and bonus cool factor, the platform comes in an automated version where it unfolds and adjusts in the click of a button.

Like the ergonomic chair, such a flexible table surface is especially suitable for desks that accommodate different users, such as with coworking offices.

Adjustable Cubicle

In the case of modern office designs, cubicle dividers are a double edged sword as a high divider discourages conversation and collaboration while a low divider welcomes distractions.

To tackle this problem, Ambient Concept designed an adjustable mesh screen for their 4-people workstation. Featuring a low divider, users can turn up the notch on privacy by pulling out the frosted screen hidden within the mesh divider. This enables both communication and concentration whenever needed!

This innovative workstation also has other tricks up its sleeve. A hidden compartment within the desk houses a power strip with multiple plug and USB point so you can charge your devices at the same time. What’s more, it even enables wireless charging for mobile phones!
Too many devices, cables, and wires? No problem. Loop your cables through the hidden channel tucked under the desk to neatly tuck them away.

These hidden compartments are useful features which reduce clutter and improve productivity, all in all contributing to a positive working environment.