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This Work Chair is Recommended by a Professional Physiotherapist

Whether we realise it or not, we spend about 13 hours sitting everyday, and poor sitting posture causes neck and back pains. The POFIT was designed to offer head-to-foot support, eliminating such issues.

We interviewed Eow Sze Kim, veteran physiotherapist and ambassador of the POFIT on her specialty – neck and back issues – and how the chair prevents them.

During the course of her 13 years in the industry, Kim found that neck and back issues are extremely common and present differently for everyone. Chronic pains, according to her, are difficult to cure, but can and should be prevented.

Q: What are your clients’ most persistent complaints for neck and back pains, and how much of that relates to poor sitting posture?

A: About 70% of the clients that I have treated have neck and back pains that are caused by poor sitting posture. The most common complaint is being unable to sit for more than an hour and tingling sensations on their fingers and legs.

Q: Why does sitting for long hours cause pain? Isn’t the body in resting position when sitting?

A: Sitting for prolonged periods of time increases the amount of pressure on the neck and back muscles and spinal intervertebral discs. These structures are at rest when we are lying down and are exerted when we stand, with the most pressure applied when we sit.

Q: What are the most common mistakes in terms of how people sit, adjust their chair, or work at their desk?

A: Looking upwards or downwards at the computer or laptop monitor, slouching or sitting without back support, hunch while sitting, having both feet not touching the ground, and having no support for elbows when using the mouse and keyboard.

Q: How does the POFIT chair help people sit more comfortably or with better posture?

A: The POFIT chair comes with many adjustment options like neck rest, arm rest, back support, back tilt, height, and seat depth which allow people to get into better sitting posture. One of the most exciting features is the Bionic Spine which has 7 levels of adjustments. This will help you find a perfect fit to support your lower back. It will also relieve the pressure on your lower back and offer much more comfortable sitting.

Q: How important is the design of a chair’s headrest in helping people avoid neck and back pains?

A: POFIT has a 5D head rest which supports the weight of your head when you are working in front of a computer. This support will reduce the stress on your neck and shoulder which will prevent neck pain and headaches.

Q: Are the armrests an important consideration when buying a chair? Would a good or bad armrest design cause physical issues?

A: Arm rest is very important for a working chair as it can support the weight of your arms which can relieve the tension from your neck. A good arm rest should be height-adjustable and close to the body, like the arm rests on the POFIT.

Q: In your opinion, what makes the POFIT a superior office chair?

A: POFIT has all the adjustable features that make good posture. Its adjustable lumbar support and seat depth help prevent lower back pain; these are features that I can’t find in other office chairs. There’s also an accompanying app that records how well I sit and the hours I’ve spent on the chair.

Q: What advice would you give to people who have neck and back pains? What can they do to improve them?

A: For those who already experience neck and back pains, start with awareness and practice good sitting and standing posture. Some simple stretches of the neck and back may also help. If the pain persists, I suggest that you consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

Be kind to your body and get your hands on a POFIT chair. Endorsed by veteran physiotherapist, the chair is bound to give you the support you need to work, rest, and play at ease! For more details on the chair, visit Ambient Concept today!