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Top 5 Self-Care and Wellness At Workplace

When it comes to self-care and wellness at workplace, is simply the practice of taking care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally which leads to stronger morale, more productivity, less stress, and increased motivation. It’s crucial to focus on self-care exercises whenever possible like simple steps of taking short breaks at work, 10 mins looking away from the bluescreen eventually result in a healthier working experience. Here are some top 5 self-care and wellness at workplace that you may practice and look into.

1. Healthy diet and avoid heavy food during break time.

While many people “eat” their stress away during lunch which result into a “sluggish and grumpy” performance after lunch time . Take your lunch time as a break time , a healthy diet and refreshing drinks like fresh juice will keep you stay energetic and boost for the rest of day !

2. Look away from bluescreen for 10 mins at least

Spending 8 hours looking and working on the computer screen can leads to eye strain from too much blue light which cause fatigue and headaches. Hence, take a break and look away from the bluescreen for 10mins, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can really improve your emotional and your eyes wellbeing.

3. Reduce caffeine intake and stay hydrated

Trying to stay focus by 8 cups of coffee a day? Too much caffeine not only raise the chances of high blood pressure, but may also lead to artery stiffening. Therefore, try to cut down cup by cup and stay hydrated by like drinking at least half gallon of water per day to stay fresh and energized.

4. Bring a small green plant for your work desk

Too many papers and files on your desk ? Put a small green plant on your desk! This green little plant will not only brighten up the space but also add some oxygen, and could even improve your mood and according to study that found the colors blue and green can improve feelings of wellbeing and contentment.

5. Make some friends in the office

Ask a small group if they’d be interested in grabbing drinks or food near the office. The casual environment will open the conversation to non-work stuff, and you’ll get to connect on a more human level. Remember, having a work friend can help relieve tension and make your entire day enjoyable and much productive.

The idea that you can beat yourself up during the work week and recover in a flurry of wellness pampering over the weekend is an all-too-common myth. By trying out a few easy steps, you can find a routine that works for you. Rebalance yourself with some self-care and watch your work and life improve dramatically. Stay healthy and be productive!